Script Supervisor

Taking full advantage of the explosion in TV production happening in Wales, I built upon my 20 years’ experience in the industry and retrained as a Script Supervisor. Given my knowledge of the genre and production, I’ve quickly become an HOD and am already working on big drama shows. Below is my list of credits so far:

 January – February 2022
BBC Studios, Casualty SE36, E37 & 38
(Contact: Hannah Williams)
 December 2021
Little Victories, Landslide (short film)
(Contact: Ellen Marsh)
 November – December 2021
Bad Wolf, Industry SE02, E Various
(Contact: Rowan Blofeld / Simon Morris)
  October 2021
BBC Studios, Casualty SE36, E25 & 26
(Contact: Sarah Beardsall)
 August – September 2021
Urban Myth Films, War of the Worlds SE03, E Various
(Contact: Mike Butler)